Step-by-Step Project Management Process Slide Deck

by Desh

Have you had to manage a project and share your project methodology in a hurry?  Well, here I have laid out the whole Project Management process in a step-by-step slide set presentation.

Project Preparation: The first phase is the Project Preparation, also known as Project Initiation.  This is the phase where you need to nail down three things:

  • Project Charter
  • Project Governance Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

This is where you are getting ready to start a project after you have known the project has been awarded.  This is the time to lay out the overall contours of a project clearly.  There should be no ambiguity beyond this point.

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Project Blueprint:  this phase is also known as Analysis and Design.  This is the time when we need to have the functional and technical blueprinting of the project done.  The specifications for the project need to be clearly laid out.

  • Business Blueprint Document
  • Detailed Project Implementation Plan
  • Change Management Plan
  • Resourcing Strategy

Project Execution: Is the real phase where the project requirements are delivered.  The blueprint and the plan that was created by the team now needs to be developed and deployed.  In this phase, we need to have processes in place to manage the project properly.  So the main steps are:

  • Project Status Report
  • Issues Management Template
  • Risks Management Template
  • Change Request Management Template

Final Preparation and Go-live:  This is the stage of the project where we have done the development and are now ready to test and deliver.  This includes steps like testing – the SIT and UAT, as well as final preparation and then the cut-over for the go-live.  This is also the time when the end-users will have to be made ready for the change management to the new system.

  • Go-Live Plan
  • Testing the new processes
  • User Acceptance Sign off
  • End User Training

Project Close: This is also known as the Warranty phase in some projects.  This is the phase when we finally look at any outstanding issues or gaps if any and then close them.  The users get to work on the real system finally and get to understand all the pitfalls and gaps.

  • Outstanding Issues / Resolution Plan
  • Final Sign Off

The final sign-off marks the end of a project.

A rigorous Project Management process with clear objectives and deliverables is the key to the success of an organization.

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