Best 10 Project Management Blogs you can read in 2019

by Desh

The top Project Management blogs are a great way to keep abreast of the knowledge and the latest information in the field.  It is often tough to go looking for credible and regularly updated blogs and sites.  I have carefully looked at these blog sites with respect to their value, update frequency and freshness of their content.  This list is not just one that I am recommending for you, but one that I follow myself regularly on my Feedly RSS reader.  Since I follow these blogs regularly, I will ensure that this post is regularly updated with the best of blog sites.

You can also use your regular MS Outlook at work for importing the latest content from the blogs via the RSS subscription.

Wrike blog

Wrike’s blog is an example of great – probably the best – content on Project management by a company that also has created a very popular project management tool.  One of the best examples of evergreen content with tools, templates, best practices and tips shared very generously.  If you want to only follow one blog on Project management, then this is it.

The blog does not have an RSS feed, so you cannot subscribe to the latest updates on a normal RSS reader.  So, here are a couple of its most popular articles.

Top Posts from Wrike



Projectsmart is a very well organized blog with a lot of fresh and valuable content from UK. Their categories of content covers topics from case studies to Agile project management to outsourcing and Pareto.  At the top of every article, they have a drop down for categories and also for the most read articles, which I think is a brilliant way to keep you going for more content that is truly well laid out.

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Henny Portman’s Blog

Henny Portman is a PM consultant working out of Netherlands running his own consulting firm HWP Consulting.  He writes his blogs in Dutch and English.  One of the things that he does well is reviews a lot of books for his audience.  He was selected as one of the top Project Management Influencers.

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Deep Fried Brain Project

Interesting name for a project management blog and I like the chutzpah of its writer, Harwinder Singh.  The blog is admittedly focused on PMP certification with content also for Scrum and PMI-ACP.  He does share some very detailed and comprehensive articles – like say on Salience Model for Stakeholder classification – apart from latest updates on PMP certification world – like the sharing of PMBOK’s 6th edition information.

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Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin’s blog and PM resources site “A Girl’s Guide to Project Management” is probably the most popular project management blog.  Her site provides ebooks, templates, guides, and checklists.

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Brad Egeland

Brad Egeland has written a lot of articles, white papers and regularly shares his articles on his own blog (which he has been writing since 2009) as well as Project Times.  He was named “#1 Provider of Project Management Content in the World” and is an experience IT Project manager, consultant and author.

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Mike Cohn’s Blog

Mike Cohn is an Agile PM practitioner who has some in-depth articles on Scrum methodology.  He practices out of his Mountain Goat Software company.  On his site, he shares articles, presentations, and videos.

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Now, this is a multiple-author blog from, which provides the Certified Scrum Master certification (among others).  It’s quality of content on Agile Project management areas in unquestioned.  This is why I wanted to share this with you so you can have one place to get your daily fix for Agile Project Management content.

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Musings on Project Management

This blog is written and managed by John Goodpasture.  He is an experienced Program manager who has had a long IT PM career.  That is why his wisdom nuggets, even when brief are worth readings and make you think.  I find his writings as a good companion to other blogs that write on formal PM topics.  So, along with the regular formal PM blogs, keep reading his wise words.

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Project Management Basics

Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy runs this blog that not ony motivates beginners into a career of Project management, but is also useful for experienced project managers.  As an experienced program manager, I particularly liked the way he shared real life examples for Stakeholder management.

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Project Pundit

Finally, my blog’s plugin here as well.  Project Pundit is our blog and has been started by Desh Kapoor, an experienced program/project manager with extensive consulting experience.  As we ramp this blog up, you will find more valuable and detailed content that will be extremely valuable for your project management journey.

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There are many articulate project managers who share their wisdom and knowledge by painstakingly documenting content.  We don’t have to keep looking for everything ourselves.  Following others who do it well is the way to go.  Go ahead, follow and download the great content from the Top Project Management blogs and keep learning something new everyday.


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