project management timeline

project management timeline

How to Manage Business User Expectations and Lack of Knowledge During a New System Implementation

Managing User Expectations
Managing User Expectations while implementing a new system is a key challenge for a successful project implementation. Have you been at a client where they have purchased a ...
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How Can a Strategically Aligned PMO Increase Shareholder Value

Maximize the Shareholder Value
Shareholder Value is the main goal for any corporation.  If the company is not increasing the value for its shareholders, then it is not succeeding.  Any company functions ...
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Easy Projects Review 2017: Features, Walkthrough, Pricing and Videos

Easy Projects | Project management software
Whether you a gal with an idea or a large corporation with a team handling a large project, you need to use a Project Management software which can ...
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How to Plan Your Project Based on How Company Makes Its Decisions

Project Planning and Decision Making
Project planning I was once on a project at a major Food distribution company somewhere in Mid-West US.  The company had to do an SAP implementation and was ...
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